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Welcome! 'Women's Rites' is for women who are stepping over a threshold into a new chapter.  I offer ecotherapy, embodied systemic coaching, storytelling and contemporary rites of passage to support women through key life transitions. Times of change  can shake us to our core, but also offer a potent opportunity for transformation, the chance to 'Re-wild your Story'. 

I am an experienced Integrative Arts Psychotherapist, international coach, and creative group practitioner with a love of stories, myth and nature.  I invite you to immerse yourself in a creative process that will dig beneath your everyday story, find a pathway to your wilder self, the ‘you’ that calls for a deeper sense of meaning and purpose to your life.  

We work in ancient woodland where you can step into relationship with nature, and have some time to slow down, reflect, and open a doorway to your own inner nature.  The wild has always been the place we go to remember ourselves, and the 're-wilding' process I offer is born from a longing to come back to the simplicity and depth of this core relationship.

The Re-wild Journey

A 3 part contemporary rite of passage to initiate change in your life. 

Part One  - Reconnect

What do you long for? What is the old story you need to say goodbye to, and what grief needs tending to? How do you take the first step to reconnect with your deeper sense of purpose? Time to hear a call to adventure.


Part Two - Re-wild

Step into relationship with your wilder self.  We will dive deep, working with somatic experience, creative processes and the natural world. This is a time to re-pattern your stories about yourself, your relationships, and your work in the world. 

Part Three - Return

Ground the work back into your life.  You will commit to the changes you need to make and take  your first steps.  You will be supported to integrate your learning into your life. The time is now!



We will design this journey to suit you - online via skype if you are city based; in the woods or therapy room if you are near Somerset or Bristol; or on woodland retreat if you prefer being part of a group.  Contact me for further details and to book a free consultation session.


"I highly recommend Rebecca as an eco-therapist. It was just wonderful to be out in nature, finding connection to myself, my life, my work my world, with such a grounded, wise and compassionate coach and guide.  As a coach and counsellor myself, I am a critical customer, yet I felt safely held in expert hands. I can’t thank Rebecca enough." - Sarah, Voice Coach.

Originally from a background in theatre as an actor and storyteller, I went on to become an Integrative Arts Psychotherapist (MA, HCPC reg., BAAT member).  This rich blend of creativity and psychology informs my work with a diverse range of people in both private and public sectors, engaging groups and individuals to unlock the stories they need to tell.


For over 10 years I have worked internationally with leaders who face the challenge of managing change, and I bring experience in the fields of resilience, mindfulness, storytelling, and creative transformation. Alongside this, I am a Lead Arts Psychotherapist in the NHS where I work with a wide range of complex mental health issues, and supervise frontline staff. 


As a storyteller I have told stories at festivals and theatres in collaboration with musicians, and brought myths to hospitals, orchards, board rooms and retreats.  I've told poetry with Apples & Snakes and Hammer & Tongue, and created storytelling workshops for international business across Europe from Paris to Istanbul. I am passionate about the power of narrative to deeply change both the teller and the listener, and have an ear for unearthing the untold and unheard stories that need to be shared.

Training includes: Integrative Arts Psychotherapy MA (distinction) from IATE.  Storytelling with Martin Shaw at West Country School of Myth; Ecotherapy trainings with Ian Siddons Heginworth, Hayley Marshall and Martin Jordan; Rites of Passage with Sue Gill and Gilly Adams, ongoing training with Bill Plotkin at the Animus Institute; Embodied Systemic Coaching with Jenny Mackewn (ICF accredited).

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