Ecotherapy for Women


When we think of psychotherapy or coaching, the traditional picture is often of two people in a room sitting in chairs. By choosing to step outdoors, a very different experience can unfold, where nature becomes an integral part of the therapeutic journey. 


A session could be as straightforward as having a walk and talk, or sitting in woodland to discuss and reflect on issues you bring to explore. Sometimes nature evokes a creative response – simple acts of ritual, art making, movement may arise.


As an experienced arts psychotherapist I will support you in following your own creative process.  I will be alongside you to help you track your thoughts, feelings and somatic responses as we relate to the 'more than human' natural world around us and include it as part of the therapeutic inquiry.  Building this relationship to nature can deepen our insight into our own inner nature, and offers a possibility of transforming old, stuck patterns and marking transitions into new, more helpful ways of being.