Frequently Asked Questions for Retreat

How do I decide how much to contribute on the sliding scale?

Thanks to Emma for her words on this: So firstly we want to say that I am not certain how to help you decide. This is not instruction. This is invitation and acknowledgement of the stickiness that can occur around money, and that we don’t live in a fair world where everyone has access to sufficient resources to cover their living costs.

So this is my attempt to do things differently. Inspired by many who have trodden this path before me and a bow to all those that actively live their life and work in gift.

The sliding scale option offered gives you an option to contribute what you believe you can afford along a scale of what the trainers find sustainable for themselves. If you are confused, you can use this guideline: the bottom end of the scale is for people who regularly find it difficult to pay their rent, and the top is for people who regularly eat in a nice restaurant.

Still confused? You could just choose somewhere in the middle…or you could take a few breaths and feel inside for an amount you willing to offer. Try it on…does it feel like a stretch? Is it a good yoga style stretch or is it uncomfortable? Is it uncomfortable because you are offering too much, or because you would really like to offer more? Chat to us if you need more guidance.

How do I get to the woods?
We would like to arrange as much car sharing as possible so nearer the time we will be connecting you all and asking for coordination around lifts.

Directions: Drive to Clanfield. Pass the pub called the Rising Sun and follow the sign up the road to the Sustainability Centre. Drive a while….past the fields…trees overhead…eventually you will come to a turning and a gate on the right (if you are coming from Clanfield) We will need to lock the gate before walking down to the woods so please let us know if you are not able to arrive during the 4pm-6pm arrival window so we can arrange to let you in.

What time can I arrive from?
Arrival time on Friday is between 4pm and 6pm. Our first meal is at 7.30pm followed by a fire and perhaps a song and a story or two.

What about ticks?
There are ticks in the woods. Please wear long trousers and closed in shoes if you are worried about being bitten. Please also bring some insect repellent that works for your skin.

Are there any bathrooms?
Well…. 🙂 no. There is one compost loo and lots of trees. We will have water for washing but all our water has to be bought in by hand so we ask you to be sparing with how it is used. This is a wild camping experience!

This means no electricity too right? 
Exactly. Bring a torch and a battery charger if you want to charge your phone. Ideally you will switch it off and enjoy a couple of days offline.

Food & Water
Please bring 4 litres of water and breakfasts and lunches for two days. We will have other water supplies but it helps us enormously if you bring two litres of drinking water for each day. We will also provide evening meals on Friday and a forest feast on Saturday.

Bedding and Canvas
Please bring bedding and a tent to sleep in and something like a yoga mat to make the ground comfortable.

What if I am coming by train from afar? How ill I carry all this stuff?
Please contact us for support. We might be able to help with spare tents and other things if you are travelling long distances and don’t have baggage allowances that enable you to bring all that you need.

What else do I need to bring?
Waterproofs might be a good idea and a hot water bottle if you get cold at night.

Loo roll

Musical instruments!

Please do contact us if you have any other questions.